Advertising Bermuda

Do you have questions about how the search engines find and decide what position to list your website? Search engine results pages (SERPs) are tricky things to understand unless you have a firm grip on this newest advertising medium. For example: Did you know that in 5 minutes you could be listed at # 1 at many search engines and thousands of websites? See our ads? Your link could also be listed there in 5 minutes. You see the small “Ad Choices” at the right of that ad box? It is displaying ads from Google’s Adwords advertising network. It is free to sign up and you only pay for actual visitors to your website. You get visitors, not only from sites like this one (who display the ads), but also your site is listed at their search engine.  And YOU choose which position you want to be listed!  Try it: Advertise your Bermuda Web site with Google, Yahoo or BING now!  You, too, can be #1 in just minutes. Sign up for a free account at any or all of these places and create your own ads now!

Another great way of getting your site noticed and listed in the SERPS (search engine results pages) is to get a bunch of natural in-coming links to your website from theme-related websites.  For example, if you have a website about Bermuda, you would want links from other sites about Bermuda.  Want a link from us?  It is free.  First, in order to stop spam, we ask that you register.  Then, just go here and create a listing for your website/business!  It is that easy.  Or… maybe a college degree online?

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